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The Problem

Throughout the history of communication, fraud and scams have inherently been present. From phony telephone sales, pyramid schemes over ransomware, phishing emails to premium number fraud — criminals are as ingenious. The scale of the problem is not small — it’s a huge global issue. From the 32bn USD lost annually on telecom fraud or the 6tn USD problem that is cybersecurity; if there is a vulnerability it will be exploited.

Scams using Wire

Wire is secure and private. In fact, with our end-to-end encryption model, Wire is about as secure as it gets — and we will…

The Team management console empowers all Wire admins with the administrative capabilities they need to manage their Wire team.

With Fortune 500 companies and governmental institutions using Wire, we redesigned the Team management console to help Wire admins and owners manage their team to enterprise standards. We’ve been working with our customers to design features that give them the insight and tools their businesses need while keeping the simplicity that makes Wire so easy to use.

We keep a clean and clear user interface, which is one of the reasons our customers love our product. With this redesign, admins can look forward to a streamlined user management process.

Manage Team Members

Onboard all your team members with email registration…

Concerns over data privacy and data compliance are driving sovereign states to rethink their infrastructure

According to Forrester Research’s Predictions 2021 report, the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35 percent to $120 billion in 2021, as the cloud continues to “take centre stage” in the recovery from the pandemic.

However, growing fears over data privacy and compliance with strict data protection laws could potentially stunt this predicted growth rate of public cloud adoption as sovereign states consider moving their enterprise data on-premise.

New and updated national data privacy and data localisation laws are fundamentally altering the way that…

Why concerns over data sovereignty are driving organizations away from the cloud.

With cloud-based services in demand, the future should be bright for the cloud. However, growing fears over data privacy and compliance — and technology providers’ failure to quash these concerns — may stunt the public cloud’s growth as enterprises consider moving their data on-premise.

New and updated national data privacy and data localization laws are fundamentally altering the way that companies can conduct business internationally, which is, in turn, transforming their attitude to cloud infrastructure. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and China’s Cybersecurity Law — two…

Collaboration platforms need to evolve to keep up with the modern workplace, the rise of cybercrime, and the ever-increasing need to protect digital assets.

The pandemic and the resulting switch to remote working models has made enterprises and organizations across industries, including even the most highly confidential sectors such as legal, government, and healthcare, depend more than ever upon technology.

In-person meetings have almost entirely been replaced with virtual meetings and working models now rely on digital communications, collaboration tools, and channels. This trend is set to continue long after the threat of the virus has dissipated. The ‘working from…

All educational organizations are now eligible for a 90% discount on the Wire Pro plan. We believe that schools and universities around the world deserve the best security at an affordable price.

Photo by Mussi Katz

Staff members of schools and universities handle the sensitive personal data of the students, teachers and professors, parents, and other staff members in addition to day-to-day information, incl. financial and medical data.

New legislation around the world, from GDPR in Europe to CCPA in California to the new data protection law in Brazil, take steps to enforce stronger data protection that forces all organizations…

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Dixons Carphone has said a huge data breach that took place last year involved 10 million customers, up from its original estimate of 1.2 million. Personal information, names, addresses and email addresses may have been accessed last year.

This incident, which exposed the sensitive information of 10 million Dixons Carphone customers, is just one of 1,750 data breaches that were reported in June following the EU General Data Protection Regulation in May.

Having previously only thought to affect 1 million customers, the company have shown a large degree of irresponsibility, as all of their customers had a…

Imagine the scenario.

Your most valued client receives an email from you requesting an invoice payment. Being the great client that they are it’s processed promptly!

The trouble is, that email wasn’t really from you. It was sent from a cyber attacker who’d gained access to your corporate network and spoofed your identity — tricking your client into making payments into criminal accounts.

How would you manage that? Could the damage to confidence and trust ever be repaired?

This scenario isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. In fact, new research shows that this — and other types of “Business…

Whether it’s a weekly team meeting, or a quarterly board meeting — video conferencing has become one of those ubiquitous technologies that we all take for granted.

However, while many enterprises have large-scale deployments of conferencing tools (such as Cisco Webex), many still default to desktop apps like Skype, Slack, or even Whatsapp for real-time, ad-hoc video calls between employees (and even their clients).

I can understand why. Convenience.

There’s no lengthy invitation or sign-in process, just a couple of clicks and you’re done.

Unfortunately, while they may be the convenient choice for ad-hoc video conferencing, it’s unlikely that they…

The news that Slack has acquired the intellectual property behind Atlassian’s HipChat and Stride chat and messaging services, has left its users wondering, “What next?”

All that’s clear is that Atlassian will be discontinuing HipChat and Stride and providing a migration path to Slack for users.

When that happens, and what that actually means is unclear. So, if you’re one of those users, and you’re considering your alternatives, what should you be thinking about?

The use of enterprise messaging has changed

The market for enterprise messaging has grown at pace since HipChat was launched almost a decade ago in 2010. Where enterprise messaging apps were once viewed…


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