Announcing Wire Pro discount for educational organizations

2 min readOct 16, 2018

All educational organizations are now eligible for a 90% discount on the Wire Pro plan. We believe that schools and universities around the world deserve the best security at an affordable price.

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Staff members of schools and universities handle the sensitive personal data of the students, teachers and professors, parents, and other staff members in addition to day-to-day information, incl. financial and medical data.

New legislation around the world, from GDPR in Europe to CCPA in California to the new data protection law in Brazil, take steps to enforce stronger data protection that forces all organizations to review the tools and processes they rely on.

For European educational organizations the answer is very clear — all sensitive data needs the best protection, and can’t end up on servers of 3rd party services, especially those outside of European Union. The data that is collected need an informed and explicit consent from the data subject (the student), or in case of minors, their parents or legal guardian.

End-to-end encrypted communication solutions like Wire naturally emerged as the best solution for this data protection challenge.

Why Wire?

The 90% discount for schools and universities means organizations can adopt Wire for internal use among the staff members, and also communicate with parents of the students who have a free, personal account.

The benefits are numerous:

  • A GDPR-compliant communication solution that does not require a phone number to register an account, nor forces anyone to upload their address book to 3rd party servers.
  • Full protection by end-to-end encryption, something that email and most other work collaboration solutions don’t provide.
  • Same software and level of security for communicating with the parents and partners.
  • Improved control over shared sensitive data as staff member access can be fully revoked when they leave the organization.

The 90% discount applies for the annual (or longer) plans

How to apply?

Fill out a short request form with your school details to get the offer.

If you have already created a free trial account for your school then please contact directly.

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