Introducing a new Team management console

The Team management console empowers all Wire admins with the administrative capabilities they need to manage their Wire team.

3 min readJun 18, 2021

With Fortune 500 companies and governmental institutions using Wire, we redesigned the Team management console to help Wire admins and owners manage their team to enterprise standards. We’ve been working with our customers to design features that give them the insight and tools their businesses need while keeping the simplicity that makes Wire so easy to use.

We keep a clean and clear user interface, which is one of the reasons our customers love our product. With this redesign, admins can look forward to a streamlined user management process.

Manage Team Members

Onboard all your team members with email registration or enable SSO to sign up for all your team members. Change roles and permissions of your team members, as team members join or leave your organization. Wire supports internal and external users (who have limited permissions) and gives you the ability to add or remove temporary guests from your team with the click of a button. Removed guests will no longer have access to team conversations, but still be able to communicate via a Wire personal account

Manage Wire Services & Custom Settings

Easily enable and configure various Wire services & custom settings to fit your organization’s communication needs. For example, with custom settings, you can control some of the features that are enabled or disabled. You can also turn on App lock and other authentication settings to improve the privacy and security of your team members.

Billing & Invoicing

Wire supports adding and changing your credit card, and downloading all your relevant invoices on a monthly or annual basis (depending on your enrolled plan). Choose or upgrade your wire plan with various services/products enabled in those plans.

With greater control over bulk actions in the app and user management, the new and improved Team Management is a step towards our commitment to empowering admins as teams scale.

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