Open sourcing Wire server code

In July 2016 Wire co-founder and CTO announced the open sourcing of Wire client code and said:

“Open sourcing was always part of our initial plan and it took some time to reach this stage. We decided to take the open source path because transparency and community engagement is of utmost importance for any product that has security at its core.”

The team is now taking the next step to also open source the Wire server code. Wire app client code, encryption protocol and end-to-end encrypted integrations API are already available on GitHub.

Open sourcing the server code has been a great exercise and a challenge to clean up the code and remove some legacy components from pre-March 2016 when we launched end-to-end encryption. We are ready to release the first backend components and will release all server code parts over the coming months as we finish the cleanup and documentation.

Wire server code:

The source code of the server components is licensed under AGPL and can be used according to those terms unless otherwise specified for third-party components.

In the longer term future there will be a self-hosted version of Wire that optionally federates with the main Wire cloud.

The most secure collaboration platform.

The most secure collaboration platform.