Recording podcasts via Wire on macOS

Hijacking the audio

When we finally arranged an interview with Wire’s CEO Alan Duric, we had the impetus we needed to find a way to record Wire audio calls. We didn’t want to ask the CEO of a messaging company to download a competing product, so our search became a priority. After a lot of research, we finally settled on a paid product called Audio Hijack.

The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast episode with Wire’s CEO Alan Duric.

Recording workflow with Wire

My audio workflow when recording a podcast usually looks like this: I open Wire. Next, I open Audio Hijack and begin a new session with Wire as the input application, recording to an MP3 (it supports a number of formats). I then open GarageBand to record my own audio locally. Michael does this too — this lets us separate tracks and makes the editing process a little easier. If you’re a podcaster you will understand the value in this.

Wire as a primary platform

Since finding a reliable way to record Wire calls, it has become our go-to application for conducting podcast interviews. The call fidelity and stability are excellent, and the app is extremely easy to use.

We now recommend Wire to our guests as our preferred contact option. This lets us support Wire by spreading it to a wider audience that might not otherwise be aware of it. For example, we recently recorded an interview with a representative from the Tor Project who set up Wire for our call, and we hope will continue to use it going forward.



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